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The only thing that’s constant – is change. I know that first hand. A few years ago, I styled my clients in my storefront boutique; now I have the pleasure of providing amazing clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories through my online boutique. I also style ladies in local boutiques and stores where they love to shop. This is an amazing journey!

As we evolve, our tastes change. But who says we can't be over 45 and fashion-savvy? The dreaded changes are inevitable. Our skin starts showing the paths of crow’s feet and our 'twin peaks' begin to go south. That's the time to find a fashionable solution! When your vision becomes less than 20/20; enhance it with reading glasses in trendy styles! 

Truth is, we’re in the best phase of our lives. We’re wiser, more chilled and more patient (except in traffic. Lol!). Most of us are less concerned with what others think of our choices. When I hit 40 I decided I’ve lived long enough to know what I want. I’m doing what feels right for me. If you haven't yet - you should try. It's quite a liberating feeling!

I invite you to relax and enjoy Petal’s Rose® online boutique. We've selected stylish, classic pieces and vintage styles just for you! If you want to enhance your style but despise shopping; need a little help with choosing the right dress, or need a complete style makeover –  Petal’s Rose® Styles can help! Style is yours. Let's get it!

For a limited time, New Clients get 20% off Stylings Packages + a FREE 1-on-1 Consultation! To make an appointment call 770.380.5357 or email shoppetalsrose@gmail.com.

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